LV Panels for solar plants

LV Panels for solar plants


New range of LV Panels for solar plants both indoor and outdoor. Different degrees of IP protection (54/65) depending on the needs of the installation.

PV Power plants are composed by solar panels that capture energy from the sun, transforming it into electric current (DC Current). Each individual panel provides around 30-60 Vdc, so linked together in series we can obtain an outgoing voltage in between 500-900 Vdc.


Each panel provides an outgoing current that varies considerably due to solar irradiation received (depending on the type of panel, uctuates between 2-7 A). To obtain higher currents, the group of panels connected in series, are reconnected in parallel (aggregated currents) achieving higher current values. This current is driven to the Power Inverter that transforms it into AC current.

Due to the size of the plants (panel dimensions, distance between groups, etc.), a secure solution is required, providing the connection of the panels to DC Current side. Although panels carry self-protection elements, other elements are necessary to protect the remaining circuit downstream the panels.

Load break switches are needed to allow a selective disconnection of the installation for inspection or maintenance purposes.